27 February 2007

Polarized Sunglasses

I was surprised when I went over to review the ADS Sports Eyewear after their recent revamp because I now realized how little I knew about the composition of quality sunglasses. I suppose most of us know that Polarized Sunglasses are recommended by opticians, but do you know why? Polarization is not a coating placed on the outside of the lens. It is actually a thin layer of iodine crystals arranged in vertical rows and sandwiched into the middle of a lens. What that means for your eyes is that light can still pass through these crystals, but potentially harmful glare is completely blocked. Other forms of protection against glare are poor by comparison, as they will shut out some glare but also reduce the amount of light - that is why some sunglasses give an image that is more like night vision. With polarised lenses you will get much better vision on sunny days near water, snow, or roadways. Eliminating glare on water can even help you see below the surface. ADS Sports Eyewear is owned and operated by opticians and is proud to feature a new lens from Kaenon Polarized Eyewear. This lens is made of a new material that provides extraordinary optical clarity and is as unbreakable as polycarbonate.The optics can now be seen on top athletes in almost every professional sport that requires flawless eyesight. A new “Polarized Sunglasses Only” link from the home page displays every pair of polarized glasses on the site, and helps you to sort glasses by price, or limit the search to a specific manufacturer.
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