26 February 2007

Movie Brochures for Small Business

As a small business owner I know the challenges of marketing your service or product on a low budget. So this new way to build their brand on a budget is an interesting development and uses cutting edge technology to steal a march on larger, long established companies. You can have an mp4 movie brochure created to showcase your product or service to the ever-growing, Internet-savvy public. The cost of this state-of-the-art advertising weapon? Just £250 or $490. Highly versatile for its small price, the movie brochure can be used on your own website or blog, or you can offered it as an iPod download. And of course you can upload your movie onto YouTube, MySpace and Google Video, where it will be searchable by millions of potential customers via tags.

Movie brochures are a great marketing technique for small business owners who cannot afford to spend thousands on a traditional video to showcase the company. For just £250, you get a film with panning and zooming effects applied to product photos. Elegant captions can be added, highlighting the features and benefits of your product, and you can incorporate customer or media quotes. All of this is set to music, which creates an immediate impression of the brand in viewers’ minds. If this sounds attractive you can see examples of movie brochures to help you decide.

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