21 February 2007


Hookah Tobacco and Hookah Online Store is the place where you can find top quality hookah pipes and popular shisha tobacco flavors. The site was created by people who love the product as much as their customers do, offering anything and everything you would want to buy to smoke your hookah. Here you will find many brands of tobacco with many shisha flavors. Please feel free to check out any new flavors you haven't tried before. They also carry many Hookahs and types of Charcoal. CustomHookahs.com was launched in January 2005 and it became more and more popular to customers in the United States. Based out in North Hollywood, California a Programmer who also happened to love hookahs thought how cool would it be if people can buy a custom hookah online. That night the idea was born and it has grown from there. Now the customers can "Build Your Own Hookah" from your favorite Hookah parts. Custom Hookahs took what they learned from big corporate companies and incorporated that technology in this website. Ultimately, they strive to be the one place you go to for all your Hookah needs.

Smoking Hookah is now a very popular way of relaxing with your friends and this site offers you all the possible variations of hookah instruments and tobacco consumables. Custom Hookahs is your source for all your hookah tobacco and hookah needs. This is a top quality online hookah store that provides high quality hookah pipes and tobacco flavors. Would you like to receive a free hookah? If you are an organisers of a student organization that has its own website and accepts donations, you can get a free hookah. All you have to do is mention that Custom Hookahs donated a Hookah to your group on your organization's website - how easy is that? You can also get a discount on Hookah products for your organization members. If most of your members already smoke hookah, they might be very interested. Custom Hookahs is offering a 10% discount for all members of a student organization who are registered with them.

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