17 February 2007

Moving on - Susan Nattrass

Susan Nattrass is an attorney with a cutting-edge, her business acumen and entrepreneur common sense; she approaches her clients with solutions not legal roadblocks or legal jargon; she has a no nonsense approach to resolution; business planning is an art requiring foresight and experience, experience Susan Nattrass gained first hand launching spa violet (spaviolet) - building service and value. She loves a challenge, providing solutions are her reward. Susan represents estheticians in wage and hour claims against spa owners. According to Nattrass "some spa owners violate the wage and hour laws unknowingly; others know or suspect that they're breaking them but hope that they won't get caught." Nattrass owned spa Violet for two years, "paying our estheticians by the law is uncommon in this industry; estheticians expect to be independent contractors." The truth is few people qualify as independent contractors. Before hiring an independent contractor, Nattrass suggests you consult with a lawyer.
A member of the California State Bar Association and Washington State Bar Association since 1994, before opening spa Violet, Susan Nattrass served for two years as general counsel for Yes Television, Inc., and as counsel for the Law Offices of Dougherty and Hildre for five years. As well as business law, she has ten years experience in employment law, labor-related immigration, drafting corporate agreements and legal and practical issues related to the asset protection and incorporating.

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