15 February 2007

Net Actuate

Finding a reliable web host with the right package for your needs at the right price should be easy, but it can be difficult. You need a web host who is established and has a track record of exceeding customer expectations as well. How about a company that has been around for more than eleven years - in 1996 VR Hosted was set up by people who could not find a reasonably priced hosting option that had decent features and support when they needed it. This web host has grown to serve thousands of satisfied customers, ranging from Personal and Family Sites, through Online Forums right up to e-commerce sites, with hundreds of thousands of hits each day. To serve such a divers spread of clients, they offer a range of pricing and technical options. VR Hosted is now known as Net actuate, and to mark the change of name they have introduced several new pricing plans offering even more flexibility in pricing and loads of added features for webmasters. Whether you need a simple family or small business website, or a fully functioning ecommerce site, Net Actuate offers a plan and to fit your needs and budget. You will gain the bandwidth, space and support you require. The best selling Web One package offers all this as standard: Dedicated IP address, 10 Addon Domains, Spam Filters, 5GB ( 5000 MB) web space, Unlimited Forwards and Subdomains. All this costs just $10 per month. Net Actuate understand that you do not want to worry about the technical side of your site, they will do that for you - Daily, Weekly and Monthly backups will be done for you so that you can get on with your business in the safe knowledge that your web site will always be up, your email delivered, and your photos visible.

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