13 February 2007


I am showing my age now, but I remember when printing involved engaging a typesetter to produce plates and photo mounted transparencies. With the advent of desktop publishing mots of that disappeared and the wide choice of fonts went the same way. So I was pleased to find a site where you can not only Download Free Fonts but also look through an incredible collection of free fonts and free dingbats. With over 8,000 freeware fonts, you will be in raptures over the choice and range. There is informative stuff on the power of different fonts to create - or ruin - an image, and in depth articles on the history and roles of popular fonts. If you are a real font anorak you can indulge yourself and read for hours about the eponymous Arial typeface, which owes its popularity to its automatic presence on almost every PC sold in the last twenty years. Newbies to the world of fonts and typefaces can learn the history of typography from the beginning. Typography has a history spanning hundreds of years right back to the invention of the first monastic printing presses. With the advent of desktop publishing, font selection was available to the masses, with some disastrous results. The intelligent deployment of type by designers is an art in itself, and with judicious use of the tools available we can all learn to be a type expert.
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