16 February 2007


There is an expert plastic surgery center in Beverly Hills, California offering a unique approach to rhinoplasty. Rodeo Drive Rhinoplasty specializes in Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles and the southern California area. Their offices and surgery center are situated in the world famous Rodeo Drive, the global capital of fashion and style, because this exclusive address stands as the pinnacle of taste and service. Uniquely positioned among the boutiques and salons of the world's most glamorous boulevard, Beverly Hills rhinoplasty brings those same standards of style and service to your rhinoplasty care. Their expert staff are dedicated to providing the best possible surgical outcomes in a setting that embodies the standards and stylish lifestyle that you seek.

This plastic surgery center takes an unusual approach to rhinoplasty that benefits their clients. The surgical team of two highly qualified surgeons with complementary training and backgrounds carry out all nose surgery together. For patients this means you receive the benefit of a broad perspective and skills in your evaluation and treatment, with equal emphasis on the cosmetic and functional aspects of your rhinoplasty. This logical and holistic approach is unusual in the cosmetic surgery field, and is known as the Rodeo Drive Breathe Easy Rhinoplasty. Many regular surgeons are focusing purely on asthetics with little attention to breath flow. This could lead to later complications following surgery. At Rodeo Drive, both function and beauty get equal attention so you can rest assured that your total health will be the prime objective.

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