15 February 2007

Cafe.com Launches

The best benefit from internet access? Possible the ability to play games online with anyone around the world. If you do not want the hassle of joining a site, and certainly if you object to paying for the privilege, here is your new favourite site. Cafe.com is the first free online service that is based around casual gaming. You can take part in private or public game rooms, or play with your friends. You will get your own 3D avatars that you can personalise to your requirements, to make your presence felt on the site. You have the option to dress your avatar in different clothes, change their hairstyle, eye color, and even their skin tone! The site offers completely free membership and there is no time or bandwidth restriction on your enjoyments of these top quality games. This is a funky looking site, guaranteeing no adware or spyware in the downloads. You first download the gaming console which contains all the free games and avatars, PLUS you will receive 500 free gold coins. Cafe.com offers you the chance to enjoy their games without tricks or gimmicks. They are completely upfront in stating that their profits come from giving you an improved gameplay experience through the sales of additional items. You could buy a better warship to play Ironsides: instead of playing with the default ship, you can do more damage to your opponents by purchasing a superior ship like Obstructer.

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