25 February 2007

Russian Artist

An established artist in the international art world, Russian Artist Victor Lysakov is about to make his US debut. The Lysakov Art Company celebrated its grand opening in California on February 2, 2007. The artist arrived directly from Moscow to take part in the festivities. Over 200 VIP guests enjoyed traditional Russian music, cuisine and entertainment and got a first chance to see Lysakov’s modern expressionistic artwork. Pacific Grove officials, savvy art collectors and local design firms unanimously agreed that Lysakov Art Company is the equal of modern art galleries found in metropolitan art centers such as San Francisco and New York. With sizable retail square footage, hardwood floors, stainless steel walls, well-placed lighting and vibrant artwork, Lysakov’s gallery is a welcome addition to the Monterey Peninsula.

Named one of “The Best European Artists,” Lysakov has participated in several prestigious exhibitions and auctions in Russia, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Austria, France and Italy.

Using oil or acrylic on canvas, Lysakov prefers brilliant, unmistakable colors – his color palette is very distinct. Each painting is its own unique creation and exudes a certain depth. New or seasoned, trusting or suspicious, frightened or fearless – the artist challenges you to grow bored with his paintings.

Lysakov holds a vast personal collection of his beloved original paintings. Additionally, there are hundreds of paintings placed in private collections around the world. During Lysakov’s initial U.S. launch, however, only a select 40 paintings have been released and are available for sale. They range in image size from a humble 14x14 to a majestic 58x50. All are offered at an extremely low edition size of 395 Signed and Numbered (S/N) and 30 Artist Proofs (A/P) giclée canvas prints.
By the end of 2007, Lysakov Art Company, Inc. plans to partner with at least 20 other modern art galleries throughout the country. These select dealerships will be eligible to purchase and display Lysakov art in their galleries.

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