24 February 2007

Challenge Journalists

Here is a fun contest for any aspiring writer, with the chance to win some great prizes to boot!
The first round of the FiringSquad Editors Challenge written contest has finished. There is still one more round open to all contestants before the final 30 contestants move on to the second round. The eventual winner will win $1500 cash, an Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor and a $10,000 writing contract for FiringSquad. The Video Challenge preliminaries close on 25 February and March 18th. Not even an hour into the second preliminary, contestants had posted six excellent submissions, including a review of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six and an opinion piece titled “The Culture of Cooling Heats Up”, where the author states “While working as a PC repairman I have seen heat traps which, frankly, made me weep like a child….If knowledge is power, there is no reason to be a thermal victim.” With contestants like this lined up to flame and be flamed by the judges and other contestants, the final is sure to be thrilling. There were 40 contestants in the first preliminary, their articles ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous, and our judges were not afraid to voice their opinions. The Editor’s Challenge is a writing and video production competition hosted by FiringSquad and sponsored by Intel that invites any and all to participate. The deadline for written submissions is Wednesday February 28th, after which entries will be judged by the FiringSquad readers and editors. 15 contestants chosen from each of two preliminiaries to go through to the second round. Video Challenge submission are due Sunday February 25th and Sunday March 18th. The competition goes through until May 2nd, when the winners will be announced. The only rules are that the submitted article or video must be gaming or technology-related.
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