23 February 2007

Knowledge through Inspiration

If you search Google for the keywords Chakra, shaman or pranic healing or spiritual workshop, you'll see a fair amount of oddball and/or unprofessional websites and services - and some dubious sites that offer to heal you through a type of distance curing arrangement - as long as you pay, of course. The Lotus Path presents itself in a much more direct and classy way. It is ideal for those with an affinity to shamanism and/or travelers to Yosemite who want a spiritual component to their trip. The Lotus Path workshops have been developed following extensive study into ancient Greek religions, Buddhism and Shamanism in all continents of the world. Located within the Sierra Foothills between Yosemite and Fresno, the workshops are clearly based in a location that gives the best atmosphere for calmness and hearing. This is an opportunity to clear the Chakras by activation of the senses. You can choose the level of involvement and learning to reflect your situation and needs: from a 90 minute guided life reading looking at the events that have influenced you, through to The Quest, taking place in the Shaman's Cave. This is a powerful room where you can evoke and explore your soul memories.

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