26 February 2007

Hairy Stories

Does everyone have a story about hair removal? I guess so, because hair - or the absence of hair - can change your self image and the way that others see you. Here is a site that offers permanent hair removal products, hair growth, and hair loss treatments for female and male pattern baldness.It also sells low libido and sex drive enhancers and other herbal supplements. So the link between how you look and how you feel is clear - if you are worried about your appearance your desire will be lower. Well there is a lot of sense in that. Nowadays both men and women are sensitive about unwanted body hair. I was shocked when I was single again to find out that most women found body hair unattractive on men. As a result men are now using Hair Removal products nearly as much as women: the influence of celebrities like David Beckham does not help, either. Their smooth bodies are plastered over the billboards nearly everywhere you go - when did you last see a picture of a man with a hairy chest?

I do not have a problem with body hair so I have not had to explore some of the more permanent hair removal methods, like Electrolysis. When I was younger the options were more limited and I recall the early hair removal creams, which just did not appear to remove any hair at all. These creams smelt horrible and simply sat on the skin, failing to do what they said on the packet. Now the products available are much improved.

Members of my family have excess dark body hair, although we have two beauticians in the family so they help with a lot of the treatments. The latest female razors are sufficient for removing underarm hair, but a little unwieldy for legs if you do not have fleshy calves. For the legs, waxing is a good option and gives long lasting results. Waxing is best done by somebody else, in order to get sufficient leverage when pulling the strips away. Sugaring is quite popular now for facial hair, this is a traditional techniques from the east and is a good way to reduce regrowth.

The naturalwellbeing site has all the best kits and equipment available for instant despatch, plus a little something for your love life if you choose.



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