23 March 2007

Kaenon sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are the best present you can give to your eyes this summer. You can protect you eyes' health with polarized lenses, which filter out the glare but let the light through. ADS Sports Eyewear specializes in polarized sunglasses, and their favorite polarized lens ever is the Kaenon SR-91 polarized Copper-12 lens. The SR-91 lens material has an optical acuity rating of "40" - the highest possible score in the stringent ANSI Z.87.1 testing regimen. Kaenon’s new polarization technology cuts glare more effectively than any existing polarized lens material, and the SR-91 lens is virtually indestructible. This is the perfect polarized lens material. Several professional athletes who require exceptional vision to excel in their sport are choosing polarized sunglasses from Kaenon. Tom Glavine of the NY Mets is pictured wearing the Kaenon Kore. Danika Patrick wears Kaenons when she is racing on the NASCAR circuit. The list of professional athletes that wear Kaenon Polarized sunglasses is getting longer every day. And Kaenon doesn’t even need to pay these top class athletes to wear their glasses.
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