14 March 2007

PC DialUp

PCDialup.com has launched a new low priced dialup Internet access service. Incredibly, it seems that more than 40 per cent of US Internet users are still using dial-up today. The new low prices from PCDialup.com are certainly good news for them! You do not need to be paying anything from ten to twenty dollars for your dialup service anymore. As a result of the huge migration over to broadband there has resulted a massive glut in modem capacity. The advantage for you is that PCDialup.com is making use of this excess capacity to offer you some very low pricing deals. For example, the basic 56k dialup service sells for just $3.95 per month. PCDialup.com also offers software accelerated web browsing, which for dialup users can really help make the web snappy. The price with acceleration is just a dollar extra, that is $4.95 per month. The website is at www.pcdialup.com. Users can sign up and gain access in just a few minutes. Dialup coverage today is limited to California, but it's expanding across the US shortly. If you live in another state, just leave your contact details and you'll receive an email when coverage reaches your area. For those who must use dialup or who choose to use dialup, there's no reason to pay ten to twenty dollars for service anymore. The huge migration over to broadband has created a glut of modem capacity, and PCDialup.com is using this excess capacity to offer silly low pricing.
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