12 March 2007


This is a new development in social bookmarking exclusively for women - at Inchicks.com you have a web site where women can share their favourite links across the internet. As a free member of Inchicks, you can post links to stories, talk about them, and even vote on them. Imagine the site as a magazine where the readers are the ones who choose the stories that they print, or even feature on the home page. There is lots more at inchicks.com that is new and different. When you login, not only can you post links to other websites, but you can also write your own stories – complete with photos and videos! This is all part of your blog at Inchicks. When you are browsing other stories, you can always click the “Add to Favorites” button and add that link to your favorites list for later. Then there is your clique that you can use as you browse through stories of other members. You can view other members' profiles, seeing stories that they’ve submitted or blogged, then add them to your clique. Your clique is just for you, it is a place for you and your friends to collectively post and share links and blogs but only ones submitted by you! You can even add a button for people to vote and to add your web pages to inchicks.com with just one click.
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