18 March 2007

Belly techniques

Navels are peculiar things, and now receive a lot of attention and adornment. If you prize your tummy button you may have wondered what happens to it after a tummy tuck? Well apparently in the run of the mill tummy tuck operation, the doctors move your tummy button. They don't seem to pay it a lot of attention after that as they leave it to float in a space on your abdomen. But at Rodeo Drive things are different. If you have your tummy tuck done there, you can opt for the Rodeo Drive Belly Button - really! They have a patented way of stabilising the navel rather than moving it, which sound far more preferable to me. What they do differently is to stitch the top of the belly button loosely to the deep tissues of the abdominal wall. If you are someone who wants to decorate your new tummy, you will also be pleased to hear that this creates a solid platform for piercing. This leaves your belly looking far more natural. They have become famous for this technique, being featured in magazines and on TV around the world. It is well worth the trip to Rodeo Drive to get your tummy tuck right.
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