15 March 2007

Small Business Mavericks

When you run your own small business you may feel besieged by people who think they know best about the way to market your company. And of course, they are queuing up to charge you for the privilege. Consultants who promise the moon and cost the earth, media sales people who tell you that success is directly linked to the size of your advertising budget, to name a few. It’s time for that to stop! Help is at hand in the shape of a new ebook from Small Business Mavericks, dedicated to helping small business owners and managers learn to market their bricks and mortar businesses locally on the Internet.

This e-book, "How to Get Massive Publicity for YOUR Local Small Biz, Even on a Shoestring Budget" will help small business owners learn to obtain positive press for their company, both online and off - and at an affordable price. In this book you will find out about the simple solid publicity techniques you can use to get effective low cost, and even no cost, local publicity for your business. This is a down to earth ebook - visit the site to check it out and read many more useful tips for your small business marketing today: there is absolutely no risk, as the company is offering the book with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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