22 March 2007

Shop and Win

This is the kind of coupon site I like - it has plenty of girlie attractions to tempt me to visit. No wonder this is one of the more popular coupon sites for the women of today (particularly moms), CouponB.com is the regular hangout for scores of women online shoppers to get great deals and have fun. And not without reason – CouponB.com leads the pack when it comes to coupon discounts for accessories, jewelry, cooking, home décor, beauty, flowers, health. CouponB.com does extensive research on the Internet so that she is able to provide her customers with the best coupons across a wide array of merchandise from apparel to jewelry. Another stride towards rewarding her customers is the current competition to Win a Pearl Necklace Sweepstakes at CouponB.com. So what’s at stake here? What do customers get to sweep away? The prize is a fine piece of pearl jewelry. The retail price for this prize is $200 and is available at one of the leading online jewelry websites ICE.com. For more on coupons and sweepstakes, keep checking CouponB.com. You never know what prize is at stake and what coupon is up for grabs.

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