24 December 2006

Web 2.0 Reality TV

I like websites with personality and the ability to draw the audience in. One such is Rockstartup. Over there you will share the ups and downs of a Web 2.0 startup. These guys have made a load of videos charting their progress, it is enjoyable to watch and reassuring to see that other people around the world all face similar frustrations. There is high drama and comedy as they encounter Pay Per Post's Postie patrols, and go to parties and tradeshows. In true reality TV fashion there are also office escapades, love triangles, love squares, meetings, eatings and confessionals. Basically they want to leave an impression: their only mission is to rock the boat. If you enjoy reality TV - and even if you do not - go on over to this reality show, it should at least raise a smile.

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