23 December 2006

SEO - do not get banned (part 1)

If you are using search engine optimisation you will probably have heard the terms 'white hat'- within the rules - and 'black hat' - frowned by the search engines.

All the major search engines can and do penalize sites if they find black hat methods being used. The penalty can be a drop in page rank or removing the site from the search engine's listing, often known as banning. If you are banned, clearly you will receive no organic search engine traffic. Pay Per Click will be your only option to get visitors to your site.

It is easy to fall into the trap of using some of the black hat methods if you are not fully versed in what is acceptable and what is not.

1. Doorway pages these are pages designed to attract the search engines but they contain very little material for the human reader. Doorway pages were one of BMW's mistakes when the car giant was banned from Google. One of its pages appeared at first to contain a sparse amount of javascript, but when javascript was disabled the page content was revealed. It was simply stuffed with the desired keywords, making no sense at all for the audience.

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