22 December 2006

London Blogger Competition 2006

Today sees the launch of our London Blog of the Year Competition, open to blogs run by Greater London residents that have been established for at least 90 days. UK bloggers are a growing force in the blogosphere, and we want to recognise this in our locality. We could even start London Bloggers meet-ups or would we all rather relate to each other in the blogosphere instead?

Very simple to enter:
1. Write a post on your blog with a link back to this blog on your blog's home page: extra points if you include a cool London photo!
2. Send me an email with the permalink of your post, confirming that you live in london - address or landline phone number.
3. Closing date 5 January in case you are offline over the holidays.

The judge's decision is final, depending on relevance and quality of posts.
PRIZE - a six-month link from this PR3 blog, up to 180 x 60 box if you have a button, otherwise a text link

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