21 December 2006

Business Website

There are, of course, hundreds of thousands of websites on the topic of Business, Webmaster resources and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Some are more interesting than others: John Chow lives in the US and has a site in a Blog format with some interesting stuff on business topics, spliced in with a bit of wit and personality - unusual on the web, where many take themselves a tad too seriously. Recent informative articles on the site include 'Google Duplicate Content Policy', 'Keyword Tracking', and 'Adsense Image & Ad placement policy'. This last topic has caused consternation recently among bloggers and webmasters alike, all worried that they could breach Google's TOS. I have seen several conflicting views on many forums, but on this site he has reprinted Google's guidance straight from the horse's mouth together with clear illustrations of the types of ads that they will not allow.

I mentioned that the site has a bit of personality, starting with the aspirational fast car image in the header, proving that he shares that passion with most other males. The posts are tagged according to an eclectic range of topics including cars (of course), investing, technology, the net, videos - and Fine Dining! John Chow dot Com is a good read and you will probably stay there for a while.
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