16 December 2006

How to float your ads around posts

Here is a very good idea for placing Adsense ads among your posts - this will achieve a more natural look for ad blocks such as 250 x 250 or 336 x 280. It looks very simple to do: if you have any problems please leave a comment here, or at blogging secrets

'After doing a guide for Ultimate Adsense Guide-Put Adsense in Between The Post(Beta), now i come back again with part 2. After my experiment,I have come to the conclusion that wrapping around your blog post to the Adsense advertisement generates a higher click thru rate. The use of wider ads like 336 x 280 works best. Blending ads to your background color and removing the borders gives higher click thru rate.

Many readers are asking me, how were you able to wrap around your blog post to the Google Adsense? Simple, just follow the following steps.

First, don't need bother about the amount of post to display, since it auto adjusted.

Now go to Settings > Formatting and set Enable Float Alignment to No.
Then, insert the following code on your template just after the

'di v class =

di v style = float: left;"

(tutorial for modify click here)

(You may change left to any position you like,that's it.)
Then, save your blog. If you followed all my instructions, you'll be able to see your Google Adsense on any page on your blog, just like the one I have right now here at the time of this writing.

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