08 December 2006

Christmas Gifts - Luxury Ties and, Scarves

Here is an idea for Christmas gifts - Peter Belisi is a man with a passion for ties and accessories. He designs and markets the most stylish and beautful ties, scarves and bags, and also knows his product. Did you realise that neckties date back to Croatian soldiers who came to Paris in 1635 to help King Louis XIII. They were wearing silk scarves tied around their necks in a distinctive fashion. The French, always with a focus to fashion, loved the style and adapted it as their own.
For the scarves this season he has used a thicker, more luxurious 18mm silk to create more texture and softness. Also included is an elegant hand rolled border. Luxury is in the details. We hope you agree these scarves from Belisi.com bring the touch of style we all crave this season.



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