23 December 2006

Digital Camera and Printer by HP for Me!

I am getting more interested in all that is available at PayPerPost since I heard about some of the prizes that are up for grabs. Now there is a HP 6 megapixel digital camera and photo printer on offer and I WANT THEM! That may sound a bit pushy but we Brits have to work at it, you know. The reason I actually need them is to start spicing up my blogs, and the only camera I have available as a rule is a really basic mobile phone job. Certainly not up to the job if I am going to be Pay Per Post's next top roving reporter. I have also not printed a photo off for over a year and we have some fantastic new shots since our friend came over recently and fired off over 200 fab shots on his new camera - you guessed it, an HP six megapixel. Now I do not often get excited about electronics but that piece of kit was awesome, and it made me a bit jealous, you know? We were all talking about the extent to which digital photography has changed the way we use images. When the shots were limited by the amount of film, very few of us could afford to take as many as we wanted. I have also seen professional photographers caught out with stale film, or no film at all, so I think digital photography is the best thing since sliced bread. If I win I am going to carry the camera every morning when I take my dog to the park, and get some shots of the changing scenes that we witness. Fingers crossed, here goes!!
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