26 December 2006

Software Tracks Keystrokes

For peace of mind and reassurance on the security of your computer, you can now obtain keystroke logging software, with the ability to record email, chat and instant messages, web site visits and URLs, keystrokes typed, P2P activity, programs launched, online search details, activity at myspace and similar sites, and visual snapshot recording. You can also obtained full details of the most frequent tasks carried out on the computer. The software only gives a retrospective overview but also examines and analyzes tracked activity to decide if you need to be notified immediately of irregular activity. It is available in different specifications for home office or office network use, and is a key element for parents who are concerned to protect their children and young people in their online activities. Even if you do not have day to day physical access to the computer, eBlaster software will provide you with full remote tracking data software so you can check from afar that no untoward activity is occurring on the computer in question. Parents who installed this software have reported that the software has helped keep their children on the right track. Many have found that they were visiting sites they should not have been going to, and this opens up discussion of online safety and protection. Once they know that the keystroke logger tracking software is in place, the young people start to use the web carefully and advise their friends to do likewise.
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