08 June 2007

Spy defence

When I was working in a big organisation a couple of years ago there was a complete help desk setup and they were using antivirus software that they thought was adequate. We had all sorts of firewalls but all they served to do was to frustrate us when it irrationally blocked legitimate sites. In spite of all these precautions I managed to import an evil worm and shut down the whole network. My hard drive was almost lost as well, imagine how long it would take to retrieve everything on there. I think the problem was that the help desk people were using outdated protection methods supplied by Microsoft and Norton and the like. I may not be that knowledgeable but the way I see it is that the people who design spyware and viruses are not playing by the rules. For real protection you need something from a specialist developer like Spy Sweeper They put all their efforts into fighting the latest developments. Their package will check constantly whether malicious spyware has been installed on your computer so instead of finding a program has crashed because spyware has infiltrated your computer. Most of the time, the package prevents spyware from embedding itself in your computer in the first place.



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