06 June 2007

Painkiller Problems

Substance abuse problems have been hitting the headlines but one that receives less attention is that of Pain Killer Addiction. This can be specially distressing if the medication intended to alleviate a condition ends up creating a much worse addiction. If this happens to you, you need expert help to reciver. Sunset Malibu is a highly acclaimed residential centre situated on the coast in California, not far from Los Angeles. The idyllic location was not accidental, the proprietors take a holistic view of your treatment and your surroundings can make a lot of difference to your mental health. This is a beautiful place of healing where you can find refuge from the pain of addiction or substance abuse, with the highest quality amenities and comforts. The centre's addiction treatment philosophy is one that incorporates a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional methods, combining the talents of some of the best practitioners in the world.



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