04 June 2007

Park your unwanted domains

If you have unused domain names that are parked with a notice like “being updated” - why not earn extra money from monetising your parked domain names? GoDaddy, a leading domain name registrar has launched CashParking - a system that lets you make passive residual income from your domains. Whenever a visitor clicks an ad on your parked pages you share in the revenue. You pick the CashParking revenue share tier that fits your budget, add your domains to CashParking, forward traffic to GoDaddy.com name servers or to change your name servers to the GoDaddy.com parkweb. They show ads on your domain’s parked page and you earn money quickly in line with the revenue share you select. Depending on your CashParking plan, you will receive 60%-80% of the generated revenue. Your domains do not need to be registered with GoDaddy to take advantage of CashParking.



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