04 June 2007

Power Options

PowerOptions is a vital tool for anyone interested in investing in stock option trading. This is the the only internet-based data provider that gives its investors SmartSearchXL, a patented decision support technology that helps you identify the highest return option trades. PowerOptions provides the essential data you need to invest with stock options, and there is a wealth of educational materials to help you learn all about trading, including the renowned iron condor trade method. The patented SmartSearchXL® technology is not available anywhere else and offers you the convenience and control required to automatically sort, filter, and analyze all 2,900+ optionable stocks and 190,000+ options online to find investments to meet your profit goals. Only PowerOptions brings together all the online tools you need for a competitive edge. Plus a 14-day free trial, an easy online User Guide, toll-free support, and the PowerOptions Performance Guarantee.



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