16 June 2007

Resale Rights Start Up (1)

The Step-By-Step Plan For Setting Up Your Very Own Online resale Rights Business In Under 24 hours!

This plan is a basic plan to set up your business as fast as possible by buying resell rights to a product and making money by selling it. I will not walk you through this whole process holding your hand, I will simply give you a simple yet profitable plan you can easily follow. Let’s get started...

Step 1: Get a payment processor to accept online payments
This is very important, as most of your customers will be paying you by credit card. And the best part is, this can be done for free and in as little as a few minutes.

The best and most popular online payment processor is Paypal, because Paypal enables you to accept credit card payments as well as e-checks and Paypal transfers directly to your Paypal account. You can sign up for Paypal for free here, in just a few minutes!



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