13 June 2007

Make Money from Your Blog

I have been writing paid blog posts at payperpost for three months and I am very pleased with the income I have made so far. When you join payperpost you submit your blog or blogs for acceptance and you will soon hear whether they have been accepted into the scheme. You can earn money at payperpost seven days a week: you just need to log on and check out the available opportunities. Payments per post are at least $5 - $6 per post, up to $1000 for the top opportunities. As soon as your post is approved, you will be notified, and then you are paid via Paypal exactly 30 days later. I earned $350 for the first month's paid blog posts - it is a really nice sight when the paypal payment advice notes are dropping into your inbox three times in a day. You can just click the box in the side panel to start earning from your blog.



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