12 June 2007

More web traffic

I have created all my own web pages and blogs, sometimes completely from scratch. Mainly they have been designed to get a good page rank so that I can earn money from them for advertising on the pages or writing paid reviews. This is because a link from a website or blog with a high page rank has more value than a link from a page with a Page rank of 0. What do I mean by value? The search engines who crawl your web pages allocate a value to each inbound link to your site and this contributes to your page rank. In turn your page rank affects your position in the search results for your keywords. The sites that appear on the front page of the search results will receive more website traffic than the pages that are lurking on page 25, because web surfers are going to take the easy option. If all this sounds too much to get to grips with, then you can find a website optimization firm to advise you and carry out the search engine optimization (SEO) tasks for you. Search engine marketing is a specialised field, almost a science in its own right. An SEO specialist understands the search engine alogorithms, and can design all the content of your website to be search engine friendly. The difference to your business is likely to result in a surge of traffic and increased sales within 90 days. Check out the informative website today and see how thinkbigsites.com can help your online marketing efforts become more effective.



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