15 June 2007

Resale Rights - Becoming A Reseller

The first part of this guide will be all about becoming a reseller and helpful advice on where to buy resell rights and how to make sure you get your
money’s worth.

As you may have guessed, a reseller is someone that
buys resell rights to other people’s products and
sells them to keep 100% of the profit.

And here are the main reason being a reseller is great:

- No need to create your own product!
This process has been done for you by the original product author. Therefore, you don’t have to spend time, effort and money researching on the topic and demand, and creating the product, which you might or might not have the expertise to do so. Thus, you only have to set up your Internet Business using the Reseller Materials Pack provided by the product author and market your Internet Business.

- You keep 100% of the profit after every sale you make. This probably the second biggest benefit of being a reseller, as a reseller, you get to keep all the money
from every up-front sale made without having to share any royalty fees whatsoever with the original product creator.

- You can use, and in some cases modify all the sales material that has been created for you
With all of the work of writing your sales letter, follow-up letters and advertisements, you have saved a lot of time on your part. Therefore, you just need to set up your Internet Business.

- Earn residual income
The product with Resell Rights that you sell can be customized with your own affiliate links, allowing you an opportunity to earn back-end income from the same

- Resellers are usually more motivated than affiliates
Normally, resellers have invested some money into purchasing products with Resell Rights. This factor motivates resellers to market with effort. Unlike affiliates, joining an affiliate program is usually free and if you don’t make any successful referrals as an affiliate, you don’t have anything to lose as you have never invested any money.

But of course, there are also some minor negatives to becoming a reseller, here they are:

- You have to invest some money to become a reseller
Some risk can be involved here since you will be
forking out some money. Unlike affiliate programs, you
don’t have to pay anything to join one. Not so with
the case of being a reseller. Since the reward is
getting to keep all the profits from up-front sales of
the product, you will have to start with taking some
risks. However, this should not be a problem if the
product has a money back guarantee policy and if you
don’t get to at least cover your investment within the
period of time, you could ask for a refund.

- You have to pay customization fees to have the
product rebranded with your own affiliate links.

Customization fees can be costly on the part of the

- You could be competing with many other resellers
who are selling the same product

The likelihood of this happening is very high.
Although the Internet receives an average of 11.6
million new Internet Users a month, product saturation
can happen in the space of 2 years. Furthermore, if
the product author is neglectful of the violation of
his product’s Resell Rights terms and conditions
violation by dishonest Resellers, such as undercutting
the price of the product, your Resell Rights business
can be badly affected.

- You will need to have your own web hosting and
domain name

This can result in paying monthly fees if you haven’t
got your own domain name and web hosting yet.

- It can be difficult to find a quality Resell Rights

You cannot just look at the quality aspect of the
information product when sourcing for products with
Resell Rights. You have to also find out if there is
any back-end income opportunity available in the
product and how well the affiliate links are embedded
within. You will do well to contact the product author
by phone or mail on finding out what back-end income
opportunity you can get from reselling his product.



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