04 May 2007

Business Equipment

How can you afford to use the most up to date technical equipment at major business presentations? Specifications are upgraded almost daily and meeting planners are struggling to keep up. If that is your challenge in your job, make sure you bookmark ComputerRentals.com and be prepared for your next big convention arrangements. They can offer your company
short term computer rentals for your trade shows, conventions, training sessions, and short term projects. The company has a rental inventory of all the meetings essentials like cordless presenters, digital recorders, interactive kiosks, plasma displays and 3000-lumen projectors.
Remember they also carry latest releases of all the major makes of PC as well as Mac computers, including Mac Pro and Mac Pro rentals. With no-hassle requests, on-time delivery and set-up, and around-the-clock support, ComputerRentals.com is truly the meeting planner's best friend.



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