28 April 2007


New options are now open to US clients seeking breast augmentation with the availability of silicone gel breast implants for general usage. They are now available to all women ages 22 and higher for both reconstructive and cosmetic breast surgery including breast augmentation.
In countries where both silicone and saline implants have been available the vast majority of patients and surgeons select silicone implants. In the US, we are likely to see a large number of patients select silicone breast implants for their breast augmentation. Silicon implants can be better than saline breast implants. Silicon normally looks more natural than saline for breast implants as it is less prone to rippling or crinkling which can sometimes be felt and occasionally can become visible under the skin. They are lighter than saline implants. Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery is already using silicon for a proportion of its breast augmentation procedures and they anticipate the numbers growing over the coming months. To set up a consultation, contact Rodeo Drive Breast Augmentation at 310-550-6300.



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