24 April 2007

Form mail

When you are trying to run your own website without a technical background - as I am - the simplest task can end up taking hours, and even then it can go wrong. Even a straightforward
email form or sign up details can become a traumatic exercise when you are not a web designer.
For webmasters and bloggers like me, Forms4Free.com looks set to become the first choice service for webmasters to make a free HTML form. It means if you have a website but don't know how to create an Online form you can design a form quickly and easily for free. The latest service, moving on from the free HTML Form, is the provision of the formmail file for just $19.95. The formmail file is a processing file that gets uploaded to the website, and processes your HTML form and emails, to the webmaster, the answers from the form. Forms4Free is perhaps the only web form service on the internet that has a free HTML Form Wizard and also provides the formmail file.



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