23 April 2007


I have been using a Nokia mobile phone on an account that my partner uses, and they offered a good deal on free calls with discounted line rental for a year. Trouble is, it is almost impossible to keep up with the grossly inaccurate bills. I pay in good time and still get a reminder: this freaked me out so much that I ended up paying twice - and still got a final reminder from them afterwards. I decided this bargain cellphone service plan was not a good deal for me .

I was moaning about this to a friend and she mentioned Wirefly Mobile, a leading online retailer of mobile phones across all cellphone carriers. They sell accessories, ring tones, and pre-paid plans as well. This is an easy way to find phones at the best prices and find the best cellphone plan for your phone use habits. Depending on the call plan and provider you could get a free phone - like the Sony Ericsson Walkman phone, for example. These free phones are the latest, most covetable models - if you look around you'll find they are sold at prices in the region of $150 elsewhere. Just walk in to your high street phone shop and you will see how much more they charge for the same thing.

On the service plans page, you provide your to one of seven major wireless providers. Wirefly shows you the results for either individual or shared plans. The pages are laid out very nicely and allow you to compare plan features. I compared Cingular’s 900 minutes plan on Wirefly’s data comparison page and this looked like a good deal. It was easy to look at the details without having to trek all round the site.



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