04 May 2007

Web Design and Internet Marketing

Web marketing consultancies are in for a shock as blog links are being used more and more for building link popularity fast. If you check the propositions on offer from the average SEO consultant you will probably see no mention of this evolving technique. I think there is an element of snobbery in this approach, but there is no room for finer feelings if they damage the bottom line! ThinkBIGsites.com is a full service website optimization firm that uses corporate blogging, link building, business and social networking and strategic blog marketing as mainstream website optimization services, with dramatic results. The effects of on-page search engine optimisation can take at least three months to deliver any more website traffic since they generally depend on the search engines for regular page rank and SERPs updates.
These Web Design and Internet Marketing methods are designed to create an immediate buzz and increase your online visibility, you will start to see results in the first month as you climb up the search engines thanks to the effects of strategic blogging.



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