21 September 2007


I first came across the idea of medical tourism around five years ago when I dated a guy who was setting up trips for dental work to the former Yugoslavia, where orthdontistry and cosmetic dental work was on offer for a fraction of the cost here at home. At the time, this was a big unknown, and as the relationship did not progress I lost touch with the idea. Now, in 2007, the idea of travelling to Eastern Europe for dentistry or surgery does not seem at all risky. The Czech republic is one of the most popular destinations, and if you think about the quality of the products they export, coupled with the impressive skills of their dentists, you can start to see why. The popularity of Cosmetic surgery over here in the UK is at an all time high, and we are starting to see more trips organised for plastic surgery Prague. Do not let the low price worry you unnecessarily - or they might raise it! The doctors there are just as highly trained and qualified as the ones at home, and the standards in the clinics are scrupulous.

Remember if you are considering travelling to the Czech republic that the agency is always taking its share - now you can deal direct with the clinic and the cost will be even lower for you.



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