12 September 2007

Debt help - fight back

There is a lot of material online about dealing with debt, and the majority of it is written on behalf of people who stand to make money out of the situation - meaning that your unmanageable debts provide an income source for someone else. Just like any big financial upset in the UK, there are companies who stand to make money out of directing you to a place where you can find out about Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs). Think back to the endowment policies mis-selling scandal: companies offering to negotiate with your insurance company took 25 per cent of the settlement for their services!

So where do you turn for unbiased help if your debts have taken over and you need to find a way out? Today I am reviewing MyVestaUK, aka The Financial Crisis Centre. They are a not-for-profit setup, so you can be confident that their advice is unbiased. Well, actually it is biased - in favour of you, the consumer! At MyVesta you will find help on dealing with debt, deciding whether to go for bankruptcy and, of course, details of the Myvesta UK Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). The site is loaded with well researched information on all the excesses that have affected ordinary people's standard of living, like bank charges, fuel poverty, student loans repayment and much more. There is a freephone number that you can call for more help, and also a live chat option. You do not have to give any personal details to get initial help, so you can visit the site with complete confidence.



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