26 July 2007

Make use of RSS - Free Blogging Tool -

All the major blogging software packages should include an RSS feed as a standard item. An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is the format that allows your content to be delivered (and subscribed to) on the Web. FeedBurner is a free service that allows you to publish your feed using their resources. FeedBurner is the world's largest feed management provider, and nearly all its addon services are free. They can help you publicise your feed and get new subscribers. There are lots of benefits to registering you feed here -
  1. Publicize your content and make it easy for people to subscribe.
  2. Optimize distribution so that your content is properly formatted for all of the major directories and can be consumed by subscribers wherever they are.
  3. Analyze your traffic to learn how many subscribers you have, where they're coming from and what they like best.
  4. Make Money by participating in the FeedBurner Ad Network when it opens. Why not reward yourself for your effort?

  5. FeedBurner allows you to track your feed traffic and gives all kinds of other monitoring options. It does not actually create the feed for you from scratch - instead, Feedburner wraps its features around your existing blog feed and adds its services on top. It has a few premium options for the serious feed publisher, too.
Did I mention most of these tools are free, and can help increase the traffic you get to your blog, by using your feed? Don’t believe me – go to http://www.feedburner.com and see for yourself.



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