15 July 2007

Structured settlements

If you need to raise extra money you should always consider whether you can release any of your assets before considering any other options like loans. For example you may be one of the accident victims who have been awarded structured settlements to cover your medical and financial needs under the terms of a court ruling. This has been the trend for wrongful injury awards for more than twenty years. Later on, many recipients find they need more liquid capital but their money is tied up and while federal law assures the payments are tax-free, it also prohibits converting them into a lump sum. The financial services market is aware of this and a number of companies, such as StructuredSettlement-Quotes.com, have come up with legitimate ways to release some or all of your capital. They will obtain several structured settlement quotes from their panel of consultants: contact them for your SSQ and you can access more of your money very soon.


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