18 July 2007

Free - Butterfly Marketing Help

How would you like to learn how to launch a product and start making money online from someone who has built his list to over 350,000 people and makes a steady 6 figures month in and month out on total autopilot? Well, now is your chance because for the first time ever, Mike Filsaime is letting you get your hands on his Butterfly Marketing Manuscript. The same tactics and strategies that he teaches in this breakthrough report helped Michael Cheney of Adsense Videos do over $200,000 in sales in just 7 days!

This book teaches you solid strategies and tactics to launch and market ANY product successfully. Perhaps you have been looking at the material and hesitated before taking the plunge? Well, I have been able to get you a 'leaked' first chapter from the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript - you can download it here FREE, a few seconds from now.

Don't miss out on this. There's no telling if or when Mike will pull this from the market.
You will rarely find such high quality information being given away anywhere - here it is ..


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