25 May 2007

India Tours

A trip to India is really pretty accessible now, with direct flights to all the major cities. If you have never visited the subcontinent this is the time to go. Not only are India's cities booming, the country possesses hugely varied rural landscapes and some fantastic hill country. Kerala is one of my top visits - it has been named by National Geographic as one of the 50 greatest destinations in the world. In Kerala, for example, you can go hill trekking in Nelliyampathy where you walk through forests of teak an fields of cardomum, tea and orange plantations as you view the peaks of mountains rising through the mists. Excellent panoramas are to be seen from Seethakundu, where you have a bird's eye view across a valley encompassing an overview of Palakkad. Of for a pastoral landscape you can go to the Wagamon hills, 1000 metres above sea level dotted with verdant meadows, tropical forests, waterfalls and valleys. You can explore all this and more at a much lower price than you might expect. The Golden Triangle tour takes in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur for a fascinating insight into some of the most notable areas of India. And for an incredibly low price of £305 you can take a tour of Kerala for eleven days.



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