24 May 2007

Hey Bloggers

As of today a new version of PayPerPost.com is now available for bloggers to explore if they want to make money online. The big new breakthrough for income generation bloggers if the introduction of PerPost Direct. What does this mean - advertisers can hire bloggers direct to get them to write special blog posts. PPP Direct makes that happen. I can simply specify the minimum amount I will accept to write a sponsored post and display a badge this blog showing the information. If you are reading my blog and decide you like the way I write you can simply click on to the badge and make an offer for me to write a post mentioning your website or product. There is a full negotiation and transaction auditing system built into the PPP Direct engine as well so that Posties and advertisers can sort out all the details of a post together, without any involvement from PayPerPost. Both parties do well from this new arrangement, because more money goes to the blogger and hence the advertiser also pays less. Whereas a regular PPP campaign payment is split 65/35 between PPP and the blogger, under the direct scheme PPP takes just ten per cent commission. So if the fee I want is $65 an advertiser would pay $100 under the regular arrangement but only $70 under PPP direct, for the same link building exposure.



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