05 March 2007

Style Guru

A designer who will not only sell you beautiful high end ties, scarves, bags and accessories but also help you put together your total look and avoid social gaffes sounds too good to be true. That designer also gives a share of all profits to fight inequality and help medical research - still sceptical? Then meet Peter Belisi, bar tender turned fashion designer and the name behind Belisi Fashions. Peter founded his range of must have accessories to enhance luxury wardrobes, while still making the world a little brighter for everyone. This busy designer has a well designed website showcasing his latest products as well as an insider's page for loyal clients, where you can check in for quick tips and commentary on who's wearing what and how you can put together your own polished look. Belisi offers advice on all aspects of style for men and women, from how to wear tee shirts to the latest urban slang.



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