03 December 2006

Internet Marketers Legal Pitfalls

Internet marketers need to be aware of the danger of infringing copyright law with material gatehered from the internet, and even products and software that have been purchased or received in good faith. You personally may not have taken the copyright stuff, but you could still runs the risk of being challenged by the owner or the owner's attorney. Be careful when dealing with resale rights products. There really is no way to make sure that the software was not pirated, the work was not plagiarized, and images used on the boxes were royalty free.

If you use these resale or private label products on your site, or offer them for sale, it could come back to bite you in the butt pretty hard if they violate any copyright laws. And ignorance to the problem does not excuse you from guilt. You are still liable within the terms of the law and the laws of your country.

And even the producer of the original product may not know of this. In good faith, he/she could have outsourced the code on elance only to get purchase code that was stolen by the programmer, or that the programmer used without rights.

Those are some of the areas to be aware of: for a free guide explaining all the legal aspects of internet marketing, click the link in the post title. If you require quality representation at a reasonable cost, you might consider contacting simmons jannace stagg, whose attorneys are encouraged to approach each case with a fresh perspective and to look for opportunities to resolve conflicts in a cost-efficient and effective way. They have successfully tried many cases for clients, yet have also been successful employing alternative dispute resolution techniques and negotiations on behalf of their clients.



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