01 December 2006

Avoid FFA sites

If you are offered the 'new' website promotion program, 'Instant Booster', please leave it alone. It is simply a rebranded set of free FFA submitters that was around two or three years ago. There is a money back guarantee but you can save yourself the effort and hassle of ordering and asking for a refund. The headline reads: 'Can you afford to loose (lose) 300,000 potential customers per year?' Yes, you can, if they are not looking for your product! The program will just create tons of links to FFA farms. Your site 's page ranking can suffer if you are associated with 'bad neighborhood' links - do not bother.

Instead, follow the tried and tested techniques - solid Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It is not as complicated as you may think. Keep reading for tips, and sign up for my regular updates. When I find paid software that works, don't worry - I will rave about it here!

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