10 November 2010

Traffic exchange advice

What Is A Traffic Exchange And How Do They Work?

A traffic exchange is a website or a service that basically lets business owners submit their website to a directory. They earn credits for traffic by viewing the websites and advertisements of other websites. It's set up as a type of barter or credit based system. For example, if you view 3 websites then 15 people will be directed to view your website.

Sounds convoluted for certain however traffic exchanges have been in operation since the invention of the internet and they work. The system increases traffic to the websites that are associated with the exchange network. Each exchange has their own rules and system and each exchange is member based. Some focus on a specific niche industry and others are very broad in scope.

Why would increasing traffic in this manner help a business grow?

1. Traffic exchanges place your product or service in front of new prospects that you may not have reached by any other means.

2. Traffic exchanges give you the opportunity to see what other businesses have to offer. You can check out your competition or learn about new and beneficial products or services

3. It helps you see how other businesses promote their products and services

4. Increased traffic helps build exposure, enhance a brand image, create a larger opt in list, and profit

How to find the right traffic exchange for your business.

There are actually several types of traffic exchange systems.

Manual traffic exchanges mean that the user and member is expected to surf the site manually. To click on sites and advertisements the member has to actually click on something. This is different from an automated or autosurf site where members can click a button and the sites start scrolling. People sitting and looking at the sites are about as likely as them sitting on the couch and watching the commercials during American Idol. Manual sites make sure that your site is actually viewed.

The other variant between sites is that some are free and others require a fee or a paid membership. Both are fine and basically have the same results. Free is free and if it keeps money in your pocket and has the same benefit as a paid site then why fork out the cash?

Here is a list of three free traffic exchanges to check out:

- http://trafficattheraces.com - http://dragonsurf.biz - http://www.ilovehits.com

There are literally hundreds of traffic exchange sites to check out. Join a few, track your traffic and see if it is worth it. If it is, if you find that your traffic and sales increase, even if they only increase by 1 or 2 percent, then it is worth the effort and you've doubled your return on investment.


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